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    Letters from our Subscribers

  • MO, California.... I am just a small time investor, but I have grown to trust and rely on your service.

  • HS, California.... I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the great work you have been doing. I find Fibtimer to be most objective way to invest. While most of the Economist and Fund managers missed out on 2008 down market and 2009 up market, you did an excelllent job year after year in identifying the trends in all markets (S&P, Bonds, US Dollar, International and Gold).

  • MS, New Jersey.... I just wanted you to know that I am a long term subscriber and I want to personally thank you for the fantastic job you do week after week. The Fibtimer updates have always been there for me and I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into preparing the analysis each week.

  • DE, Tennessee.... You have, hands down, been the best subscriprtion service I've ever experienced. Other subscriptions include RealMoney and Minyanville, but they pale in comparison to your well-reasoned, logical focus on price.

  • ST, Florida.... I want you to know that I absolutely love everything about your service. Your advice is fabulous and your Sunday Sermons are the best. I couldn' t be more satisfied. Please feel free to use me as a referral. I have many decades of investing experience and find your approach to financial matters to be most logical and appealing. Keep up the good work.

  • JS, Georgia.... Thanks very much...for your skill in navigating troubled waters. In a historically unprecedented period of stock market volatility, you -- and primarily, your system -- are doing a tremendous job keeping your subscribers on the right side of various markets. Be proud -- that is quite something!

  • KS, Missouri.... to all the folks at Fibtimer, I cannot thank you all enough for the exellent service you provide. I had become so disgusted, disheartened,so left out.I too have been investing for several and after two bear market experiences I was so exasperated I googled up stock market timing services, and when I discovered Fibtimer there it was like I had been mining for years and suddenly hit a big gold nugget of which finding peace of mind was no small part of that nugget. I don't spend hours on the computer anymore and I sleep easy at night. In my heart if hearts I knew help was out there and I think that after 10 yrs. I found the help I need. I will say to anyone, If you need help with your investments, give Fibtimers emotionless multifaceted approach to the markets a chance. This service really could the gold nugget you need. And the good nights sleep is free. Frank feel free to use this note in your testemonials I can't express enough the need for folks to give Fibtimer a try.

  • PA, Sydney, Australia.... I have just joined Fibtimer because TimerTrac consistently ranks it as one of the best market timing services it audits. Also it has the added advantage of not generating too many signals a year on its conservative long only strategy.
  • RLC, California.... You have the best buy/sell service I have used in my lifetime of 85 years and the comments are always worth reading.

  • JE, Minnesota.... Your service seems to have everything that I've been looking for all these years. You're concerned about protecting principal.You believe that following winning systems, with discipline, will make money over the long term. You are very "up-front" about your investment philosophy by listing many "Commentaries" that state what you believe. You've put your track record out there for all of us to see. I don't know what more I could ask for!

  • DS, Florida.... Just wanted to let you know that I feel so fortunate that I found your news letter. A friend told me about you.....I am a new investor. I took over my Ira and 401K because the "financial advisor" I had lost over half of everything I owned....of course he still made his commissions...I am a recent widow and did not realize the dangers of these people..I guess we always learn the hard way.

  • MM, Arizona.... Your Fibtimer work has, in fact, proven to be a very valuable addition to my intermediate term positioning in both the S&P and Nasdaq 100, as I thought it might.

  • MC, California.... Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been a subscriber for a relatively short period of time but a market "investor" for more than 25 years and have learned more from your weekly letters in the past three months than I have all of my previous years investing (and I always considered myself a sophisticated investor)! Frank, your weekly letters are so amazing, so right, so correct, so informative, so profound, so true and with so much learning impact that it makes all other "investment letters" look insignificant in comparison! Thanks for teaching me how to adopt a logical and winning concept that on the surface looks so simple but in reality is the only true way to be successful in the market!

  • TG, California.... Thanks for the hard work you and your staff do to provide your market insights. Many market analysts are haughty about their complicated analysis (and sometimes condescending) but your reports contain easy-to-understand concise yet humble explanations. In addition to your accuracy, this is what puts you ahead of the others.

  • GS, Wisconsin.... I will never - ever - make another index trade without consulting your excellent service,

  • JE, Minnesota.... I've spent all weekend going over your site, your Strategies, and your Commentaries. Then, I've sent you questions about my own concerns. You've responded both quickly and completely with answers to my questions. It all just seems so perfect to me! It's amazing that I just found your service by using a search engine. I'm glad I did finally did find it.

  • JC, Indiana.... Just a note to thank you for the CYA (cover your assets) bulletin on the conservative pro timer. I traded my beneficiary IRA hesitantly in bits and pieces that Tuesday until about 96% of it was moved (everything I could move without penalties in one day). I got a nice bounce when it closed that day, saw the indices zig & zag a few more times, cashed in the rest, then I watched the market cave in and sustain some severe technical damage. Wow, great work! You seem to have your finger on the market temperament, which I'm about to be convinced drives this whole machine. I should point out that it's been very frustrating starting to market time just when the market began to act so irrationally and unpredictably. Especially with my 401K stuff that I've been timing aggressively. Now I'm glad I stuck it out. I won't even try to predict what will happen next, but it sure looks ugly.

  • AS, United Arab Republic.... Thank you for the fantastic work / reports that you have been making available to your subscribers. The website just keeps getting richer in high quality content - and that is much appreciated.

  • BMS, Minnesota.... The past two years have been very rewarding for me trading the Fib charts, while I also know that an opinion can also go awry. I've used the leveraged Rydex Funds a lot as well of course shorting. I've come to believe the most money can be made on the markets sell offs as the bear market is likely to last for years. Naturally I use stop loss on all trades, and am fortunate to have the resources to handle and brush off a trade that goes the wrong direction.

    So, while no method or line of thinking can always predict the near future, what you offer is excellent, and it astounds me that more don't take advantage. Most of my friends simply believe that buy and hold will work for them in the future. I wish that comes true for them, yet I surely don't believe it will.

  • TW, Colorado.... This is the best Fib and Elliott work I have ever found and keeps thing simple, with a tight stop. The conservative strategy and simple, well organized site is great. I would readily recommend this to any of my friends who, like myself, are professional traders.

  • JC, USA.... I have read most of your articles. I find them very interesting and you've hit the nail every time in every article... Anyway I got excited when I read your commentary. You are so right on.

  • BS, Minnesota.... I want to thank you for your timely interpretation of Fibonacci sequences and Elliott Wave Theory. I've read everything I can get my hands on since subscribing to your service that pertains to the subject. You not only do a fantastic job but you put it in terms anyone can understand. This is no small undertaking as it is a difficult subject.

    While all too few think a service like your's really "works", those of us that are subscribers are indebted to your good work. It is much easier for the average person to understand than Elliott Wave, which I'm also a subscriber to.

  • JWM, California.... Though I have been a subscriber but a short time I find your weekly reports and midweek updates extremely well written - consistent with your philosophy - and exceptionally informative.

  • DR, Illinois.... While I have no knowledge or understanding of Elliot Wave or Fibonacci Charts and Mathematics, I somehow understand your analysis and commentaries quite clearly. You clearly communicate what the numbers are indicating as to the position one should take with their trading.

  • AG, California.... Thanks Frank, I am particularly impressed with your use of stops, keep up the good work.

  • HB, New York.... I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for an excellent call on exiting the SPX at 954. I was going to delay my exit, anticipating a rapid pullback, but I chose to follow your call. I'm glad I did.

  • JG, Arizona.... As a recent subscriber, your prediction of the turn on Dec 2nd, 2002 with the outside reversal was money in my pocket. Thank You!!

  • DF, California.... Since most people email you to express 'negatives', I thought I'd email you to thank you for your reply, explanations and for your patience with our questions.

    Thanks again!

  • WRB, New York.... I made three times my yearly subscription price following your timing instructions the first time !

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