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Fibtimer offers four conservative market timing strategies for investors.

Our Conservative S&P Timer for S&P 500 index funds and Conservative REIT Timer for REIT funds timing strategies are designed to have investors fully invested during long term bullish market cycles, and in the safety of cash (money market funds) during prolonged declines.

Our Diversified Timing Portfolio is for more active market timing investors and uses five sector allocations of 20% each to diversify and lessen risk.

Our newest strategy is the International Fund Timing Strategy. Started in 2008 it uses the iShares MSCI EAFE Index Fund (EFA) and is a conservative strategy, going to cash during bearish market conditions.

The Conservative S&P Funds Timer and Conservative REIT Funds Timer strategies are used by the following investors:

  • Subscribers who not able, or do not wish, to aggressively market time mutual funds such as we do in our active market timing strategies. Buy or sell signals are typically issued once a year (or less).
  • Subscribers who do not have bearish stock index funds available to them or who are uncomfortable using bearish positions.
  • Subscribers using fund companies which have initiated short term trading fees may also not wish to incur those fees unnecessarily. They also do not want to be hit with huge losses during steep market declines or bear markets. These market timing strategies are designed specifically for such investors.

     If you are one of the above, the Conservative S&P Index Funds Timer and Conservative REIT Index Funds Timer strategies may be right for you.

The Diversified Timing Portfolio is more actively traded. It has 20% allocated to the S&P and Nasdaq bull and bear index funds following the ProTimer strategy, 20% allocated to small caps following the Small Cap Timer, 20% to bond funds following the Bond Fund Timer, 20% to an international fund (we use the Rydex international opportunity Fund) and 20% that follows signals in the Conservative S&P Timer.

It all comes together for a diversified and highly profitable market timing strategy. It is designed so that any one position allocation or market sector will not adversely affect the profitability of the strategy.


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