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(Aggressive market timing) Profits in both bullish market trends and bearish market trends, by moving in and out of bull and bear S&P and Nasdaq index funds. Designed for aggressive mutual fund trading by active fund traders.

The Bull & Bear Pro Timer trades ALL identified trends. By trading all market trends, it never misses the big ones. Aggressive mutual fund market timers know that highly profitable trends (bullish as well as bearish) occur only once or twice each year. The Bull & Bear Pro Timer index fund timing strategy makes the majority of its profits in those rallies and declines. Mutual fund trading for fund traders who take an active role in their timing strategies.

If you are unsure what market timing strategy is best for you, aggressive timing or conservative timing using mutual fund trading strategies, this might be a good time to read our Successful Market Timing With Fibtimer report which goes into each strategy in detail, and will help you determine what your market timing "emotional" comfort level is.

The Bull & Bear Pro Timer is for aggressive index fund market timers. This time proven strategy is designed to achieve profits in both bull and bear markets by moving in and out of bullish and bearish S&P and Nasdaq index funds. We use the Rydex Funds (Rydex S&P 500 Fund, Rydex Inverse S&P 500 Fund, Rydex Nasdaq 100 Fund and Rydex Inverse Nasdaq 100 Fund) to track performance results. Our market timing analysis uses Fib support and resistance analysis and Elliott Wave pattern analysis to identify current and future market trends. We trade medium term trends for this strategy.

    Weekly report analysis helps us to be prepared for what is "likely" to occur in the financial markets. Once our analysis is confirmed by our proprietary trend following indicators, Pro Timer Bull & Bear moves to either a long (bullish position) or a short (bearish position). We also move to CASH positions if the trend is unclear to us. Buy and sell signals are based on a trend timing strategy that does not allow interpretation, and that has a superb long term performance record.

Proprietary trend indicators for this mutual fund trading strategy, make buy and sell decisions based on both the S&P 500 Index - SPX, and the Nasdaq 100 Index - NDX. The Bull & Bear Pro Timer is invested in either long (bullish positions) or short (bearish positions), 50% in the NDX, 50% in the SPX. We also move to CASH positions if the trend is unclear to us.

Subscribers can use Rydex S&P 500 Fund, Rydex Inverse S&P 500 Fund, Rydex Nasdaq 100 Fund and Rydex Inverse Nasdaq 100 Fund, Profunds, or other S&P and OTC bull and bear index funds.

This strategy is designed to keep losses (drawdowns) very small. When the criteria for this market timing strategy tells us to go either long or short, we reverse our position. We are always fully invested. It does not make this fund trading strategy more volatile. It actually "reduces" volatility.

We also reduce volatility by being 50% invested in S&P 500 index funds and 50% invested in Nasdaq 100 index funds (either bullish or bearish as needed) at all times. Drawdowns are thus smoothed out, and kept at a minimum, making this strategy highly attractive to mutual fund market timers and index fund switchers.

Emailed alerts are sent to all Fibtimer subscribers for every trade, and the Bull & Bear Pro Timer website report is also updated for every trade. Alerts are emailed between 6-7PM, EST, and no later than 9PM, EST the evening before any change is executed.

The proprietary market timing trend indicators used in this model create specific buy and sell signals. There is no "fund trading" emotion involved in the decision making. The system has been back tested through 1999 and has been live since 2001, so its performance in both bull and bear markets has been well documented.

Pro Timer fund trading strategies are designed to keep drawdown to a minimum and always be on the right side of all major trends.

Our "Aggressive" market timing strategies will always generate a larger number of buy and sell signals than a longer term (or buy and hold) strategy. Subscribers who trade our aggressive market timing strategies should understand what such fund trading involves. When we say aggressive, we mean aggressive. Multiple trades may occur. Thus a longer term (two - three years) perspective should be used to judge performance.

Our aggressive market timing strategies make large profits in trending markets and provide risk management in sideways markets. Market timing mutual funds requires commitment and mutual fund timers must be willing to stay the course to reap the benefits.

Lastly, market timing's main function is to protect against loss in declining markets. It has its largest gains during bear markets and times of market instability. Though they usually beat the markets every year, our strategies are not designed to beat a bull market, just to profit in them. The big gains are during the inevitable bears that always arrive unexpected.

If aggressive market timing is not something you will be comfortable with, you should use our longer term Conservative Strategies which trade infrequently, but successfully keep subscribers fully invested during long term advances, while protecting them in safe haven (money market funds) during long term declines. The Conservative Strategies, designed specifically for long term oriented fund traders, have superb track records, and are easy to follow and easy to stay with over time.


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