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    Bond Fund Market Timing for Aggressive Mutual Fund Timers

The Bond Fund Timer uses Fib support and resistance analysis and Elliott Wave pattern analysis to determine current and future bond trends. Our proprietary bond trend indicators must confirm this analysis. At this point the Bond Fund Timer goes either long (bullish bond fund position) or short (bearish bond fund position). The Fibtimer bond timing strategy is a non- discretionary bond timing system which has been profitable over many years and a wide range of bond market conditions.

The proprietary market timing bond trend indicators make buy and sell decisions based on price action of the Rydex Gov't Bond Fund - RYGBX (bullish bond fund positions) and the Rydex Juno Bond Fund RYJUX (bearish bond fund positions) although subscribers may use bull bond funds or bear bond funds that are available through other mutual fund companies.

Emailed alerts are sent to all subscribers for every trade, and the Bond Fund Timer report is also updated, by 9PM, EST the evening "before" any change is executed.

Bond Trend Indicators used in the Bond Fund Timer create specific buy and sell signals. There is no emotion involved in the decision making. This bond fund trading system has been live since 2002 and back tested through the end of 1999 so that its performance in both bull bond markets and bear bond markets could be measured.

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