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    Gold & Metals Fund Market Timing for Active Traders

Gold Timer market times the precious metals markets to take advantage of their extreme volatility. Gold Timer issues buy and sell signals using the Gold and Silver Index - XAU and Rydex Precious Metals Fund (RYPMX) to measure performance.

Gold Timer moves into gold index funds only when our proprietary market timing trend indicators confirm a new tradeable "bullish" gold trend has been established. Gold Timer is for active gold fund traders and should be used for only a portion of a subscriber's timed investments. The gold markets are very volatile.

The Gold Timer market timing strategy calls for 100% Long (bullish) or 100% Cash (bearish) positions. Gold's volatility make bearish positions too risky.

After a Long (bullish) position is taken, our proprietary market timing trend indicators follow the position to protect against loss. If they reverse, we move back to cash (money market funds).

Subscribers Weekly Reports cover market timing signals using the following bull/bear trading funds and indices:

    Rydex Precious Metals Fund    RYPMX    * Metals Fund
    Gold and Silver Sector Index     XAU         * Gold & Silver Index

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