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Market Timing Strategies
  • Stock Sector Rotation

    Market Timing with Industry Specific "Sector" Funds

  • Fibtimer offers Sector timing for Industry Specific Stock Market "Sector Funds" such as those offered by Rydex, ProFunds, Fidelity and others. Also called sector rotation and sector switching. Timing for each sector is based on proprietary "industry specific" sector trend indicators that Fibtimer monitors daily.

  • Sector timing, sector rotation, is less volatile than timing broader based index funds. This is because subscribers who market time sector funds diversify (hold positions in several sector funds at the same time). This diversifying, which offers stability in stock market sector rotation - sector switching strategies, makes sector trading extremely profitable as well as safe.

  • The Sector Fund Timer is an "Active" market timing strategy, using only long (bullish sector fund) positions, and exiting to cash (money market funds) during bearish signals.

  • The Sector Fund Timer is updated daily after the close.

  • When a Buy or Sell signal is issued, Sector Timer uses the closing price, Net Asset Value (NAV), of the "following" trading day. Subscribers have plenty of time to make changes. Fibtimer also now offers buy and sell signals with daily emails for subscribers who wish to receive them.


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