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ETF, REIT, Dollar & Bond Fund Timing. Stock Market Timing for Profits In BOTH
Bull & Bear Markets. Years of Real-Time Market Timing Trade History.
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FibTimer stock market timing strategies (trend trading) produce the most consistent, dependable profits of any index mutual fund timing service that we are aware of. We offer index fund, etf and sector trading that works. Realtime trading history going back to 2001.

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Online since 1996
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     Our S&P Conservative      Strategy is Ranked #1
FibTimer offers mutual fund market timing strategies for active (and conservative) S&P and Nasdaq index fund traders and index fund timers.

Bond timing, U.S. Dollar timing, Smallcap timing, REIT timing, Gold fund timing and Sector Fund trading strategies as well as ETF Timing and Stock Timing strategies.

Read the current commentary:
Emotions And Trading
   excerpt: "Never underestimate the power of emotions.
   Extreme optimism or pessimism can interfere with your
   goals, but by approaching problems with a realistic sense
   of optimism, you will stay the course, stick to the trading
   strategy, and generate excellent timing profits over the

We have been successfully timing the stock market through "many" bull and bear market cycles. Our index fund timing strategies have beaten the markets year after year and have received acclaim from press and competing fund timing services alike. In fact, we have been profitably market timing the financial markets since 1982, and began our online services back in 1996, long before almost all others.

Mutual fund trading at FibTimer is easy to follow. Successful and profitable stock market timing strategies with years of posted real time results for all of our market timing strategies. Subscribers receive all timing signals the day before the trades are made. Our proprietary trend following indicators are designed to identify profitable market trends in both up and down markets.

Also, our 100% Free ProTimer Market Letter is available to all visitors interested in stock market timing and contains our latest market timing signals, plus market timing analysis for the coming weeks and months. Easy unsubscribe at any time.

For a limited time, FibTimer is offering FREE bonus months for quarterly and half year subscriptions to our stock market timing services. The financial markets can be a minefield, let experienced professional market timers guide you through them. There is never be a better time to start winning, than now.

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If you are unsatisfied for any reason with our market timing services, we will immediately give you a full refund for the unused portion of your subscription!

"I have just joined FibTimer because TimerTrac consistently ranks it as one of the best market timing services it audits." PA, Sydney, Australia...

"I will never - ever - make another index trade without consulting your excellent service." GS, Wisconsin...

"This is the best Fib and Elliott work I have ever found and keeps thing simple, with a tight stop." TW, Colorado...

"Your Fibtimer work has, in fact, proven to be a very valuable addition to my intermediate term positioning in both the S&P and Nasdaq 100, as I thought it might." MM, Arizona...

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